3 Highwire Activities To Try in Victoria Falls

It is with good reason that Victoria Falls is known as the adventure capital of Africa – the town has a plethora of adrenaline activities on offer! Take a read of the top 3 high wire activities in Victoria Falls that will get your heart racing, which our Tours Desk at Ilala Lodge Hotel are available to book these activities for you. For all of these activities, there is a minimum age limit of 10 years old, generally take about an hour in total from arriving for the activity, and they are available year round. Be sure to also check out our wonderfully relaxing cruises so you can schedule in some much-needed downtime after any of these adrenaline activities…

1. Flying Fox

Did you know that “flying fox” is actually a type of bat, that has a wingspan of up to 1.5m and is an excellent flyer. The flying foxes commonly found in Victoria Falls are actually brave people who launch themselves into the air, 120m above the Batoka Gorge, just below the actual Victoria Falls waterfall! You are safely strapped onto a zipline which runs 200m across the gorge. Considered an “entry-level” adrenaline activity, it is fun to pretend you are a bat with wings for a little bit!

Flying Fox Victoria Falls Activities

2. The Zip Line

Did you ever go on a foofie slide, or zipline when you were younger? If you did then you will really enjoy this…and if you didn’t, then there is no time like the present! This is the longest zip line in the world at 425m across the gorge and 120m above the mighty Zambezi River! You are harnessed and attached to a pulley and step off a platform to speed across to the other side, reaching speeds of over 100km an hour!

Zip lining Victoria Falls Activities

3. Gorge Swing

If you are looking for a thrill, then a gorge swing is for you! A high wire is suspended across the Batoka Gorge where it is 316m across and 120m wide. You will have a very secure harness attached as well as jumping roles jumping ropes, the other end of which is pivoted to the middle of the cable. With your heart in mouth, and your hands shaking from excitement ( or fear!) you will then leap into sky, dropping into a massive free fall for about 70m before going into a pendulum type swing – what a rush!!